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Marcus McSweeney is a multidisciplinary Creative Director known for creating culturally relevant campaigns that connect emotionally with diverse audiences. He has been honing his craft in the industry for 15+ years with expertise from the cutting edge of digital marketing and content creation.




Heart of a lion: The rise of Headie One

A digital cover for The Face with Tottenham rapper Headie One who has transcended the UK drill scene and climbed the charts but not without some controversy along the way.

Shot on Super 16mm thanks to Kodak.


Director - Marcus McSweeney
DOP - Jaime Ackroyd
Executive Producer - Jennifer Byrne
Producer - Rosanna Gouldman
Production Manager - Katherine Bampton
Editor - Anisha Devadasan at Stitch
Grade - Jason Wallis at ETC

Art Director - Max Randall
Camera Assistant - Jonny Lewis